John BELL - Manchester
12 Nov 1859 - 1903
circa 1880
John BELL's
sister Agnes with his
youngest daughter Agnes
circa 1958
John BELL's son-in-law
8 Jul 1876 - 16 Jul 1916
circa 1914
BELL -- MAKINSON families
John Makinson &
Lilian Makinson formerly Wallwork
Helen Taylor [circa 1956]
formerly Makinson
Albert Lees &
Ann Lees formerly Makinson
Jim Muir &
Agnes (Nancy) Muir
formerly McClelland
circa 1950
Harry Cambell White &
Winifred (Winnie) White formerly McClelland
{Christmas 2001}
The daughters of John Bell's youngest daughter Agnes
The children of Mary BELL & William MAKINSON
Agnes McCLELLAND formerly BELL, circa 1938
Ann Makinson, circa 1938
Albert Lees (future husband)
Helen Taylor, circa 1938
formerly Makinson
John Makinson circa 1938
Robert Makinson and
mother Mary, circa 1938
Joseph Makinson with his
sister Alice Drane formerly Makinson,
& sister in law Lily Makinson
formerly Wallwork, circa 1938
Mary BELL - later MAKINSON
John BELL's oldest daughter & William MAKINSON's wife
circa 1898
my great great grandfather
my great grandfather
my great grandmother
my grandmother
my great great grandmother
Emma WITHERS - Salford
22 Aug 1858 - unknown
circa 1880
John BELL's
youngest daughter Agnes
circa 1901
John BELL's
youngest daughter Agnes
circa 1904